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About a year ago, it occurred to me that the land we lived on was pretty polluted. I didn't know what to do, but I knew that the first step should probably be cleaning up all of the trash that the land had accumulated over the years. We started to work together to tidy things up, and even though it was challenging at first, it really came together after a few months. We were able to remove pounds and pounds of garbage, and then we started thinking more seriously about saving power indoors. I wanted to start a site for anyone out there who needs to protect the environment.


Come Home From Vacation To A Swamp Of Water Inside Your Living Space? How To React Fast

1 March 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If you were gone on vacation and you came home to find that your house has some flood damage from heavy rainfalls, you have to take action to help preserve your home. If you have had water in the property for days, you could have problems that go far beyond wet and soggy items, and you could have mold, mildew, insects and more. Here are some of the things that you want to do before you decide to stay inside the home. Read More …