What Is The Purpose Of Metrology Laboratory Services?

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What Is The Purpose Of Metrology Laboratory Services?

25 August 2022
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Metrology lab services are available to parties that need to check compliance with a wide range of specifications. Generally, the applicable standards come from government agencies or industry groups tightly aligned with such agencies. If you're interested in using metrology laboratory services, it's a good idea to understand their purpose and how you might take advantage of them.


Most businesses and organizations that employ metrology lab services do so because they need to check the calibration of devices, particularly measurement instruments. If a trucking company has a weight scale for its vehicles, it needs high accuracy and precision in every measurement for licensing and safety reasons. Consequently, the trucking company needs to have well-calibrated scales so it can take measurements of vehicles, especially loaded ones, before putting them on the road.

Many Fields 

Unsurprisingly, there are numerous scientific and industrial fields that require highly calibrated tools. You will see metrology laboratory services firms that provide help with measuring or calibrating systems for engineering, fluid dynamics, meteorology, and electronics. Likewise, customers cover the range of agricultural operations to other laboratories that provide calibration and measurement services.

The goal is to ensure a relatively high level of centralization and reliability in dealing with weights and measures. If you've ever seen a sticker on a gas pump from your state's bureau of weights and measures, you can appreciate the benefits of this kind of universal calibration. After all, you want to know that you're getting pretty close to 8 gallons of gasoline if the pump says so.

Similarly, these laboratories handle much of the standardization work for other labs. This means there are follow-on effects from ensuring high standards of accuracy and precision in every measurement. Since the metrology lab gets it right, the odds are much higher than those participating labs will also maintain very high standards.

Also, many government agencies rely on metrology labs to calibrate their systems. This has implications for everything from food safety to taxi fares.


Metrology increases the quality of protection across many fields, ensuring that systems like cars and airplanes work as specified. Numerous medical instruments require high-quality control of their components and functions. Likewise, consumers benefit from the greater trust in the products and services they buy. Businesses benefit from this trust, and they also can accurately calculate inventories and budgets based on highly reliable numbers.

Working directly with a metrology lab services company ensures that you'll get the best analysis directly from the folks who maintain the standards. Especially when others rely on you for precision, metrology can make a huge difference.