No More Sewer Smells In Your Home

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No More Sewer Smells In Your Home

4 April 2018
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There is no reason that your home should ever smell like an outhouse. Unfortunately, there may come a time in which you catch whiffs of sewer odors and can't figure out where those smells are coming from. Do you buy a new plug-in fragrance device to cover up the smell? Well, that's a start, but you must find out where the gasses are coming from.

It's not healthy for you to continue living with your home filling with sewer gasses. The smell is just one element – the toxins that the gasses contain can be explosive and put your family at risk of health issues. Here, you'll learn a few things that you should do when you smell sewer gasses in your home.

Increase Ventilation

Before you do anything else, get the air moving in your home. Open a few windows and place fans in them. Pull the dirty air out of your home in one window and pull the clean air from outside into the home. You want those toxins out of your home as quickly as possible.

Care for the Floor Drains

Floor drains are often forgotten about. Inside the drain, there is a p-trap. The trap must have a little bit of water in it to keep gasses from coming up out of the sewer lines and into your home. Get a bucket and dump it down into the drain.

You can add some pleasant smelling disinfecting cleaner to the water before dumping it down the drain. This will not only make things smell a little better immediately, but the cleaner will help to kill the bacteria that could be causing some of the odors.

Note: If your home uses a septic system, do not use bleach or too much cleaner in the drains. The bleach and cleaner can kill the bacteria in the septic system that it needs to break down the solids and function properly.

Wait a few hours and see if the smell goes away. Run water down the sinks and tubs throughout the house to see if the problem is resolved. If so, great! If not, continue to search for the issue.

Find Leaking Pipes

Even the smallest leak in a sewer line can cause a lot of odors. You can use tracing dye to try to find the leaks yourself, but since most plumbing is hidden behind walls and under floors, it can be tricky to do without the assistance of a trained plumber or sewer line expert.

If you have failed to solve the problem, contact your local sewer line expert for assistance. This is not a problem that you should ignore and battle with smelly devices placed throughout your home. Get help getting the stink out of your home today. Contact a company like Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services for more information and assistance.