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About a year ago, it occurred to me that the land we lived on was pretty polluted. I didn't know what to do, but I knew that the first step should probably be cleaning up all of the trash that the land had accumulated over the years. We started to work together to tidy things up, and even though it was challenging at first, it really came together after a few months. We were able to remove pounds and pounds of garbage, and then we started thinking more seriously about saving power indoors. I wanted to start a site for anyone out there who needs to protect the environment.


Dealing With The Heat: Storing And Carrying Your Portable Generator In Summer

26 March 2018
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Portable generators are very convenient and help you keep the power on when no other sources are available. But these generators do not react well to heat, and you need to find storage spots that will not accidentally lead to damage while the generator sits until you need it next.  Excessive Heat Is Bad, Even for Solar Solar generators and panels have a reputation of being very sun-resistant. After all, there are huge arrays of panels in the deserts of the southwestern United States. Read More …

Permits, Certifications, And Licenses Associated With Septic Tank Installation

13 March 2018
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Installing a septic tank for the first time seems like such an easy process, right? It is not as simple as you would like to think. For example, there are a number of permits and licenses involved before you can even begin to use your new septic system. Certification and Licensing for the Contractor Every state requires that a septic installation contractor is licensed and certified. That is one license and one certification right there before your septic project even begins. Read More …